Minced Pork (Keema)


Fresh Minced Pork tasty, juicy and healthier.

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Minced pork is the top demanding meat of fresh pork. It acquires by mincing the boneless beef through a 4 mm or 6mm plate of the mincer. The usage of minced pork in making Keema, nonveg Chowmein dish, Keema curry, momos, and patties. In other dishes, you can use it as tasty food. Some of the basic menu items are small cutting mutton for rissoles, burgers, meatballs. Some of the chefs use it by cooking and serving it in an Asian salad. You can find it in the Western world including central Europe.

We devote ourselves to increasing plant-based meat merchandise as an opportunity for all. No need to worry about your fitness and surroundings to devour greater veggies. It follows all the necessities for fresh and clean cutting pork meat. It derives from all skeletal muscles consisting of adherent fatty tissues. They put their focus on health and serving us fresh meat products.

1.  70 Rs/- Delivery Charges Apply for 500 gm minced and free delivery for 1 kg or above.

2. Book your fresh chopped steak order today – Only next-day delivery is possible.

3. Delivery Schedule for small  cutting boneless Pork meat: Morning 11-12 AM, 12-1 PM, and 1-2 PM and
Evening: 5-6 PM and 6-7 PM

4. Direct from our Farm delivery consistent GIPS Farm Fresh’s best Pork Meat to your doorstep.

5. We deliver beef Minced in Delhi NCR, 0 -4 ◦C temperatures maintained at the time of delivery.

6. Fully Vaccinated and 100% Organic Feeding (Grains, Pallets Meal and Raw Vegetables).

7. Perfectly cut Clean and Hygiene maintained Minced Pork in Delhi as per ISO standards.

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1 kg, 500 gm

Delivery Time

11-12 AM, 12-1 PM, 1-2 PM, 5-6 PM, 6-7 PM

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