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Pork shoulder is a triangular cut from the area just above the front leg of the pig. It is a relatively inexpensive cut often sold with the skin on and a layer of fat.

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Pork shoulder while cooking is very gentle and juicy meat. You can call it a pork butt or Boston butt. It is a wealthy supply of vitamins, minerals, protein, zinc, and others. Gipsfarmfresh ensures that all our products make it from the freshest meats. Pig shoulder is the purest seasonings and its species. Perfect cook, cure, smoke, or simple plain process as the case may be. Produce it right inaccurate proportions of flavor components; both Indian and European. It combines with perfect meat consistencies.

You could experience the tastes of all countries meat taste in one place i.e. our Gipsfarmfresh. It is in contrast to all and sundry else withinside the process meals of our Industry! So it makes them special from different online butcher stores. They are foremost, the pioneers of an Indian online sausage. Provides you the best premium quality merchandise in an extensive array.

  1. 70 Rs/- Delivery Charges Apply for 500 gm Pork Shoulder and free delivery for 1 kg or above.
  2. Book your fresh Pork Shoulder order today – Only next-day delivery possible.
  3. Pork Shoulder Delivery Schedule:
    1. Morning 11-12 AM, 12-1 PM, and 1-2 PM
    2. Evening: 5-6 PM and 6-7 PM
  4. Direct from our Farm delivery consistent GIPS Farm Fresh’s best bacon shoulder to your doorstep.
  5. We deliver Pork Belly in Delhi  NCR, 0 -4 ◦C temperatures maintained at the time of delivery.
  6. Fully Vaccinated and 100% Organic Feeding (Grains, Pallets Meal and Raw Vegetables).
  7. Perfectly cut Clean and Hygiene maintained Pork Meat as per ISO standards.
  8. We Guarantee Best Pork Shoulder In Delhi, Order Now!
Weight N/A

1 kg, 500 gm

Delivery Time

11-12 AM, 12-1 PM, 1-2 PM, 5-6 PM, 6-7 PM

Skin Type

With Skin

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